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Visa on arrival-UAE

Citizens of 47 countries can get a 30-day visit visa free of charge upon arrival, entitling them to extend the Visa for further 30 days on payment of Dh640 (Dh500 Federal Fee + Dh100 Local Service + Dh40 Insurance + typing charge) to be paid at typing centre. If not extended, 10 days grace will be given. If exceeds 40 days, Dh100 should be paid per day from 31st day.  Citizens of the following countries are entitled to get visa on arrival.

Britain, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands (Holland), Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Finland, Malta, Spain, Monaco, Vatican, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.
New EU visa exemptions apply to citizens of: Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Malta, Cyprus, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria from March 22, 2014 onward.

After this period a visitor can enter UAE on Visit Visa again by leaving the country and returning as much as they want. These visitors will be exempted from the refundable deposit.

GCC Residents who are not GCC nationals but who have a high professional status such as Managers, Business people, Auditors, Accountants, Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Pharmacists, Sales Executives, Sales Representatives, Commercial Promoters and employees working in the public sector, their families, drivers and personal staff sponsored by them, are eligible for visa upon arrival at the approved ports of entry in UAE. Validity: 30 days. Fee: Dh185 should be paid at Airport. This visa is  renewable for further 30 days on payment of Dh640.

If you are confused about whether your profession is eligible, you can call Dubai Immigration Call Centre on
+971 4 313 9999 (International) or 800 5111 (inside UAE) or contact nearest Emirates Airline office or send enquiry mail to UAE Ministry of Interior. Click here for the list of executive professions.

Administration staff like Secretary, Executive Secretary, Clerks are NOT eligible.

If you are entering UAE from Oman through Hatta border, you have to pay Dh185 or 21 Omani Riyal. If you are entering UAE through Al Ain border, you have to pay Dh105.

If you do NOT fall into one of the above categories, you will require a visa and a sponsor for your visit. The sponsor normally applies for the visa on your behalf.

Valid sponsors may be as follows:-

a - Hotels & Tourist Companies can apply, on your behalf, for a Tourist Visa (valid for 30 days extendable for further 30 days); or a Service Visa (valid for 14 days); or a Visit Visa (valid for 30 days).

b - Airlines & Airlines Handlers apply on behalf of their crew members for a 96-hour Transit Visa.

c - Other Organizations based in the UAE may only apply for Visit Visas.

d - Individuals (Relatives or Friends) already resident in the UAE may, subject to guidelines, also apply on your behalf for a Visit Visa.

GCC residents can now apply online for UAE entry permits
Visa on arrival facility in Dubai will be stopped from October 1

Expatriates who reside in GCC countries can now apply online for entry permits to visit UAE through Dubai.

The online visa application system also features an online payment method which will help passengers avoid the long queues to pay visa fees. As of now, the online system is not compulsory but merely an option for those who would like to complete the visa issuance procedure before arriving to the country.
From October, all visa application processes for GCC residents must be completed online.
Visa online service is accessible to expatriates residing in the GCC and those accompanying them, such as domestic help.

Fees: Dh220 for 30 days. 

GCC Resident's Entry Permit is valid for (60) days before entry from issuance date, and stay period after entry is (30) days from entry date, and its extendable for (30) days.

GCC Accompanied (House Servants) Entry Permit is valid for (60) days before entry from issuance date, and stay period after entry is (60) days from entry date, and its extendable once for (60) days each time.

Upon arrival, if GCC Residency is found expired or cancelled, entry permit holder will not be granted entry.

If profession of GCC Resident is found changed after issuance of the entry permit, holder will not be granted entry.

GCC Residency must be valid at least (3) months from arrival date. Passport must be valid at least (6) months from arrival date.

Dubai Immigration Contact Details:
Office Tel: +971-47075357
Counter Tel: +971-47075375
Officer on Duty : +971-501899188

German Citizens

The German citizens (tourists and business people) may apply to the UAE embassy in Germany for a one or two year multiple-entry visa. No sponsor is required. The maximum duration of stay of visa holders should not exceed three months a year. The visa fee is Dh 1,500.

US Citizens
The US citizens (tourists and business people) may apply to the UAE embassies in the US for one to ten year multiple-entry visas. A sponsor is required and the visa will be granted free of charge. The maximum duration of stay should not exceed six months a visit.

Oman Visa: GCC Residents who are not GCC nationals but who have executive professional status are eligible for a non-renewable 28-day visa upon arrival at the approved ports of entry in Oman. UAE residents can enter through Hafeet border post.

Immigration Helpline: 800 5111
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Citizens of which countries are eligible to get visa on arrival in UAE? Which countries are eligible for visa exemptions in UAE? List of countries eligible for visa exemptions in UAE, EU visa exemptions, How many days can I stay in UAE with visa on arrival? Is there any fees for visa on arrival in UAE? Can I extend my visa on arrival in UAE? How can I extend my on arrival visa in Dubai? Where should I contact to extend my on arrival visa in UAE? Which professions are eligible in UAE for visa on arrival? I am a Qatar resident, can I get visa on arrival in UAE? How much should I pay for visa on arrival at Dubai airport? Which professions of GCC residents are eligible for visa on arrival in UAE? I am a Saudi resident, I want to get visa on arrival in Dubai, how long can I stay in Dubai?

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