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Death Cases and formalities at different departments-Dubai

Detailed below are the procedures to be followed by the person taking responsibility for repatriation or burial or cremation of a dead body.


• All death formalities to be completed at Hospitals, Ministry of Health and Police can be done only on working days i.e. from Sunday to Thursday between 8am and 2pm.

• In Dubai, after office timings and on holidays ‘on call’ service is available on request made on telephone number +97150-7347676

• Services of a Consulate Official for completing death related formalities are available even after office hours everyday including holidays. He can be contacted on mobile number 050-7347676 after office hours and on holidays.

• In cases of deaths at residence or any place other than Hospitals or in Ambulances, take the body of the deceased on an ambulance to the Police Mortuary for forensic examination.

• Get Death Declaration/Notification from the Police surgeon.

• In cases of deaths at Hospitals or in Ambulances, get Death Declaration/Notification from the Hospital authorities. (Bodies are kept in the concerned hospital mortuary).

• Report to the local Police Station where the deceased resided with a copy of Death Declaration/Notification, Passport and other identity documents of the deceased.

• In cases of death due to accident, report to the jurisdictional Police Station where the accident happened.

• In cases of death due to ‘unknown’ reasons, the bodies are kept at Police Mortuary for investigation. Further procedures are dependent on forensic report and investigation report from Public Prosecution Department.

Take Certificate of death issued by Hospital to the nearest police station. Death Certificate Fees: Dh60
After reporting the death, Dubai Police will issue four letters:
One for Preventive Medicine (Al Baraha Hospital), Second for Dubai Hospital, Third for Airport and last one for DHA (Sonapur Medical Fitness Centre) for embalming.

• Submit Death Notification to Preventive Medicine Section, Ministry of Health at Al Baraha Hospital, Hamriya) for obtaining the Death Certificate (Fee Dh 60). Hospital Timing: 8am to 2pm (Sun-Thu).

• Request for English version of the Death Certificate. If the English version is not made available at Al Baraha hospital, Death Certificate can be got translated at Indian Consulate during office hours or from any translation office.

Cancel labour Card first from Tas'heel Centre. Then visa from Immigration. Immigration branch at Airport Terminal 3 is open 24 hours including holidays.

Get the passport of the deceased cancelled at the Consulate. For the purpose, bring the following documents:
• Original Passport
  Three copies each of
• Passport of the deceased
• MoH death certificate
• Annex -1 Form
• Annex-2 Form
• Two copies of passport of the accompanying person

Letter of authorization from the Next of Kin of the deceased for repatriating/ cremating the body. If the nearest blood relative/spouse is in India, a fax to the Consulate from the relative/spouse of the deceased from home place is required. The text of the letter of authorization should read as follows:

I,(name) understand that my husband/son/father/brother/wife (name and passport no.) has died on (date) at Dubai. I authorize (name of the person), holder of passport number….. for repatriating/ cremating the body.

• If the cause of death is Murder / Accident / Suicide, then a notarized authorization letter/ affidavit from the wife / father / mother is mandatory.

• Letter from the company or sponsor stating that they will carry out the settlement and repatriation procedures.

• Get a death certificate issued from the Consulate which is done on the basis of the Death Certificate issued by the Ministry of Health.

• Get a letter from the Consulate of no objection for transporting/repatriating the body. The Airlines and Indian authorities require this document.

• Get a copy of the Death Certificate issued by the Ministry of Health attested at the Consulate. This is required for insurance claims in India.

• Once again report to the police station with the cancelled passport and the documents received from the Consulate.

Collect the following three documents which are issued by the Police Station:
• Letter to the mortuary authorities for releasing the dead body
• Letter to Sonapur Clinic for embalming the dead body
• Letter to Airport authorities permitting repatriation of the dead body. Procedure in case of departure from Sharjah Airport.

Approach Medical Fitness Centre, Sonapur with the following documents for embalming:
• Original death certificate with two photocopies

• Letter from the police with no objection for embalming and transportation of the dead body

• Passport/emergency certificate of the deceased after its cancellation from the consulate/embassy

• A copy of the no objection letter from consulate for transporting/repatriating the body and Death registration

• At the counter of the mortuary of embalming hospital, pay a fee of Dh1,010 for embalming, Dh 1200 to 2500 for coffin and Dh110 for Ambulance Services. Get the time for embalming from Medical Fitness Centre, Sonapur which is fixed depending on the flight departure timings of the accompanying person.

• A minimum of 3-4 hours before the allotted time of embalming, the authorized person along with one more person who carries some identification document should approach the mortuary for receiving the dead body. Bodies can be taken from Police mortuary till 2 pm and from mortuaries of other hospitals till 4 pm.

• In case of children inform the size to the mortuary attendants (0503483990) for them to arrange the correct size of coffin. Coffins are airtight in which dead bodies can be kept up to seven days. It is safe to open the coffin 2 hours before funeral/cremation.

• Once the time of flight departure is given to Makhtoum Hospital, they transport the body to cargo section of the Airport in an ambulance.

After embalming bring the embalming certificate with one photocopy to the Consulate for attestation. The accompanying person should also bring a copy of his Air Ticket (Cargo air fares to India for mortal remains vary from Dh 1200 to Dh 2500 on national carriers).

Following documents in original along with 8 photocopies are required at the cargo section:
• Police No Objection for repatriation/transportation of body and its English translation

• Attested Embalming certificate

• Attested Death certificate and its English translation

• Embassy/Consulate certificate Death registration certificate (Annex I)

• Consulate letter authorizing a person

• Cancelled passport of the deceased

• Accompanying person’s confirmed air ticket (2 copies)

• Accompanying persons passport (2 copies)

• At the export counter of cargo section fill up the Airway bill form and give details of the accompanying person and copy of the ticket.

• Collect the bar code sticker identifying the coffin.

• Provide weight and volume of the coffin at counter number 55.

• Along with Airway bill submit 8 sets of the documents to the cargo section. Three sets are returned, one of which is to be submitted on the 2nd Floor New Cargo Complex customs counter for clearance.

• Give the other two sets with original letter issued from Dubai Police to the Police Outpost on the 2nd floor along with the original copy of Police No-objection letter, which is returned back.

• Pay the cargo charges (Air India /Indian Airlines/Express Dh 1300 to Dh 2500 and in other Airlines Dh 3000 to Dh 4000) upon which original airway bill will be issued.

• Keep all the original documents including airway bill and carry a minimum of 4 extra copies

• On arrival at the destination airport ask for the airlines staff for help in completing the formalities.

• Hand over the original documents to the kin of the deceased.

• If the coffin is to be moved out side the Airport limits obtain a no objection certificate from the Airport Police.

Visa of dependents
• Get visas of all the dependents who were on the sponsorship of the deceased cancelled.

• In case dependents want to stay on for some pressing reasons like completion of academic year, etc. make a request to the company where the deceased was working for sponsorship. On their security/ guarantee, Immigration department allows dependents to stay till next academic year or till the validity of the visa.

In case belongings of deceased are to be sent to home country a request from the deceased’s employer in the specified format is to be submitted to the Consulate with a list of used items. Upon receipt the Consulate will issue a letter to the Customs Department on the basis of which the relative of the deceased can carry the belongings without any duty.

• In case all family members of the deceased are present approach the ‘Shariah Court’, LHC can be prepared in the presence of two witnesses.

• If the family members are in India, they should obtain LHC from the concerned authority, get the same attested by state home department and Embassy/Consulate of United Arab Emirates followed by UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Indian Embassy/ Consulate. Translation in Arabic to be attested by Ministry of Justice.

• Sponsor of an absconding employee surrenders the absconder’s passport to the Immigration Department/Labour Department.

• In case an absconding employee dies, a person duly authorized by his next of kin and/or Consulate for repatriating or cremating the body should approach Immigration department along with his passport, which is retained as security by Immigration.

• Immigration dept cancels the absconder’s visa upon submission of his death certificate and gives back the passport.

• On producing the documents of cremation/repatriation the guarantor’s passport is returned back.

• Obtain an emergency certificate (Outpass) form from the Consulate or download the same.

• Submit the duly filled form with 2 photographs, copy of passport and/or other Identity documents like Labour Card, Health Card, and Driving License etc of the deceased.

• If no identity documents are available, obtain a letter from the local authorities at the native place of the deceased like Tehsildar or Sarpanch of the local Panchayat stating that the person belonged to the place. Else the Next of Kin can give a duly notarized affidavit along with duly attested photograph of the deceased on the affidavit.

• Get a letter from Dubai Police addressed to Sharjah Police instead of to Dubai Airport.

• Hand over this letter at Sharjah Police Hqrs (situated near the Clock tower) between 8am and 8pm.

• Collect the letter issued by Sharjah Police Head Quarters for Police Outpost at the Sharjah Air Port. Submit this letter along with copies of all other documents at Sharjah Air port Police Outpost. All documents will be retained except the letter from Sharjah Police.

• Fax or bring this letter to Al Medical Fitness Centre on the basis of which they will dispatch the coffin to Sharjah Airport Cargo. One relative should accompany the Ambulance.

• It is possible to send unaccompanied remains to any destination point in India.

• Next of kin of deceased sends a notarized confirmation for collection of the body to the respective Airline cargo office at the destination Airport.

• The Airline cargo office in turn sends a message to their City Office at the departure port or to the airport cargo office in UAE. If the message is sent to airport cargo office ensure that a copy is sent to the Airline City Office also.

• Mail or courier all the documents and airway bill to the relatives at the destination who can then approach their concerned airport cargo office, complete the formalities and collect the body.

• If the deceased was not on a Company sponsorship and if his family is indigent make a request to the Labour and Welfare Section at the Consulate for free of cost repatriation of dead body.

• Collect the letter issued by the Consulate for the concerned Airline office.
Submit the letter to the airline office which in turn will issue another letter for the cargo section and give a one-way ticket for the accompanying person and carry the body for free.


• Mortal remains of deceased who were holding residence/visit/transit/tourist visa issued from Dubai/Sharjah can be cremated at the Hindu Crematorium in Dubai/Sharjah.

• Get a notarized authorization from the Next of Kin of deceased consenting for local cremation.

• Pay the Municipal fee of Dh 1010 at Al Quoz / Sonapur

• Approach the local Police Station along with your original passport which will be kept as a guarantee and get no-objection letters for the Municipal Cemetery and mortuary.

Following documents are required at the crematorium for cremation:
• Receipt of the fee paid at the Municipality.

• Copy of the Consulate Annex 1 & 2.

• Copy of the Translated Death Certificate issued by MoH.

• Copy of the visa page of the passport of the deceased.

• Passport copy of the person authorized by the NoK of the deceased.

• Consent letter to the Custodian of the cremation yard. Mr. Sunil (0505071640) or Mr. Eeshwar (050-4549615/04-3532320) are the custodians.

• Pay cremation fees of Dh2000 and another refundable deposit of Dh500 for collection of ashes.

• Relatives can bring Pundits (050-6742362, 050-6742362) from the temple for performing rituals. Puja items have to be brought along.
• Collect ashes in a container within 24 hrs of cremation or else it will be disposed off. Cover container with a white cloth and get it sealed in front of a Consulate official at the Consulate.

• Get the authorization letter from the Consulate for sending the ashes to India for further rites.


Procedures are same as for cremation of Hindus except that no municipal fee is to be paid.
Contact the municipality at AL Quoz Qabaristan (04-3388013, 04-3388013 or Al Quasis (04-3455106, 04- 3455106. Facilities available for prayers and formalities

Procedures are same as for cremation of Hindus.
Bring priest to perform the last rites at the Christian cemetery in industrial area No. 13 of Jebel Ali. (The place of cremation varies depending on which Emirate the visa of the deceased is stamped).
Charges for space at the graveyard are Dh 650 (Dh 350 for children).
Christian Cemetery Custodian’s contact nos. are: Mob 050 6532612, 050 6532612 Tel. 04-3370087, 04 3370087. More details on www.saintmarysdubai.com

• Click here for death procedures in graphics

Indian Driving License attestation

Consulate Works


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